Indiana Jones Fans React To Harrison Ford Injury On Set

Indiana Jones

Apparently, the only thing more dangerous than Harrison Ford flying a plane is the actor reprising one of his two most iconic roles. After breaking his leg in a freak accident on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens a few years ago, the 78 year-old has now suffered a shoulder injury during rehearsals for an Indiana Jones 5 action scene.

There’s no word yet on how long the leading man is going to be out of action, but the good news is that it’s not serious enough to halt the entire production, as was the case when Tom Cruise shattered his ankle leaping between two buildings in the midst of Mission: Impossible – Fallout‘s shoot. Director James Mangold and his team will work around Ford’s absence until he’s good to go, but as you can see from the reactions below, fans had plenty to say over the star’s latest mishap.

Ford turns 79 years old in just a few weeks, so there’s definitely going to be an extra layer of added apprehension among the stunt coordinators and Mangold himself now that the veteran screen legend has been hurt just weeks into Indiana Jones 5‘s lengthy filming schedule, although he’s made of tougher stuff than a lot of guys his age.

On the plus side, the stunt double spotted wearing a creepy Indy mask on set would indicate that he’s hardly going to be shouldering the majority of the set pieces in person, and the crew might just be a little more inclined to have him sit out some of the more dangerous set pieces to prevent something similar happening again. Indiana Jones 5 is just thirteen months away from release, so let’s hope this is the last time we get any bad news.