Fans roast Benedict Cumberbatch for dressing like Tony Stark at ‘No Way Home’ premiere

benedict cumberbatch

Tom Holland’s recent and highly-publicized change in style has seen him compared to on and offscreen mentor Robert Downey Jr. in terms of his wardrobe, with many fans believing that Zendaya has also had a huge hand in updating his various red carpet looks.

It can’t be denied that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Peter Parker has looked reminiscent of RDJ during several recent outings, but it’s another Spider-Man: No Way Home star that’s been drawing comparisons to Tony Stark following the world premiere of the multiversal blockbuster.

As you can see from the reactions below, plenty of fans have been quick to roast Benedict Cumberbatch for his choice of apparel, which does admittedly make him look like a variant of the former Iron Man from another pocket of the multiverse.

There were a lot of people worried that they’d stumbled into a massive unannounced spoiler when they saw Tony Stark trending just as Spider-Man: No Way Home was being screened to the public for the first time, but fret not; it was just Twitter having a little fun at the expense of the MCU’s Sorcerer Supreme. Of course, you have to say that Cumberbatch pulls it off pretty well, even if it is more than a touch Stark-esque.