Robert Downey Jr. Doesn’t Want Tom Holland To Play Spider-Man Forever


Being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is of huge benefit to the actors involved. Not only do they secure a series of high-paying gigs guaranteed to draw in a massive audience, but it also allows the talent in question to expand their horizons outside of the franchise.

Take the Chrises, for example. Before signing on to play their respective roles, Hemsworth was a virtual unknown, Evans was a recognizable name but hardly a major star, and Pratt was best known for Parks and Recreation. These days, however, the trio are among the most famous faces in the industry, and it’s all thanks to the increased visibility that comes with being part of the biggest brand in the business.

Tom Holland has also grabbed the opportunity with both hands since first being cast as the MCU’s Spider-Man, branching out and winning rave reviews for his performance in Netflix’s The Devil All the Time, and he’s also been singled out as the high point of the Russo brothers’ Cherry, which hasn’t exactly been greeted by unanimous critical acclaim so far.

The young actor’s on and offscreen mentor Robert Downey Jr. knows a thing or two about longevity having made his big screen debut over 50 years ago, and in a new interview, he admitted that he doesn’t want to see Holland playing Spider-Man forever.

“Look, Tom won’t be playing Spider-Man when he’s 37. At least I hope not. And when you’re in the MCU, there’s a feeling of all life beginning with it and ending it. But there’s life outside too. I can confirm this. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. What I am saying is there was a Spider-Man before Tom Holland and there will be a Spider-Man after Tom Holland.”

Barely a week goes by without Downey Jr. being linked to an MCU return, but he seems happy to leave that part of his life in the rearview mirror for now. Meanwhile, once Spider-Man: No Way Home wraps, Holland is no longer under contract to play the web-slinger, but he seems happy to stick around for at least a little while longer until he presumably ages out of the role.