Tom Holland Fans Are Shocked By His Performance In New Netflix Movie

Tom Holland

Tom Holland perfectly embodies the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Peter Parker because the two are incredibly similar in personality, both sharing a youthful enthusiasm and lovable demeanor. The young actor has only endeared himself to fans even more thanks to his reputation for accidentally giving away major spoilers and tales of how he’d drunkenly called former Disney CEO Bob Iger in an effort to save Spider-Man from heading back to Sony.

Of course, Holland will always find himself most closely associated with the web-slinging superhero, which isn’t surprising when you consider that five of his thirteen live-action movie appearances to date have been as Spider-Man. However, the 24 year-old looks to be making a conscious effort to branch out, and the Russo brothers are already touting awards season buzz for his role as a drug-addicted veteran with PTSD that turns to bank robbery in their next directorial effort, Cherry.

Netflix’s new psychological thriller The Devil All the Time also gives Holland the chance to showcase his range and stretch his acting muscles, and while the movie definitely isn’t an easy watch, he’s been winning rave reviews nonetheless. Many viewers have also been shocked by just how dark his performance gets, and you can check out some of the reactions below.

To many people, Tom Holland will always be the MCU’s fresh-faced Spidey, and as a result, they’ll find it difficult to separate the actor from the character when he appears in anything else. Stars of major blockbuster franchises often have to work that little bit harder to escape the shadow of typecasting, but based on his performance in The Devil All the Time, he’s going to find that fairly easy to accomplish.