Disney CEO Says Tom Holland Sounded A Bit Giddy On His Drunk Phone Call


Now that the feud between Marvel and Sony is over, with Spider-Man officially back as part of the MCU, star Tom Holland is finally free to give his opinions on the dispute without fear of reprisal from either side. While Kevin Feige has hinted that Spidey could be contractually obliged to appear in Sony’s adjacent cinematic universe, the third standalone Spider-Man flick is already well into pre-production, with director Jon Watts set to return and a July 2021 release date locked in.

In recent interviews, Holland has given his side of the story, admitting how much it bothered him that he wasn’t allowed to take pictures with his Marvel friends and co-stars at this summer’s D23 Expo, when the Sony/Marvel issues were at their most highly-publicized. However, it was also revealed that the 23 year-old played a key role in getting the warring factions to agree to a new deal, one that involved a drunken phone call with one of the most powerful men in the industry, Disney CEO Bob Iger.

The story went viral, with fans loving the idea of an intoxicated and teary-eyed Tom Holland on the phone with his boss’ boss, desperately trying to keep Spider-Man as part of the MCU. Now, Iger himself took to social media to poke fun at the whole situation, admitting that the actor sounded as though he wasn’t operating at 100%.

It isn’t often that you get the CEO of one of the world’s biggest companies poking fun at situations like these on social media, but given how much drama there was surrounding the Spider-Man situation, you can’t blame the guy. After all, the outcome of the negotiations could have been a game-changer for Sony’s comic book output, the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole and Tom Holland’s entire career.

Source: MCU Cosmic