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Fans roast ‘Kraven the Protector’ after star calls the villain an animal lover

Nothing could ever go wrong with a Sony-backed Marvel movie, right?

kraven the hunter
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Even though the project boasts a hugely talented director in J.C. Chandor, an accomplished headlining star in Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and an impressively eclectic supporting cast, the mere presence of Sony looming in the background has fans feeling apprehensive about Kraven the Hunter‘s chances of success.

The ideal scenario is that we get something a lot less like Morbius and a lot more like Venom, but it’s impossible to predict given the studio’s regularly misguided handling of its marquee properties. While it’s always best to remain on the optimistic side of the divide until the movie arrives in January of next year, Taylor-Johnson’s most recent comments have already opened Kraven up to ridicule.

The actor described the imposing adversary of Spider-Man as “an animal lover and protector of the natural world”, which isn’t the terms we were expecting from a character who more often than not hunts his own prey and wears their fur as part of his ensemble. Naturally, the internet was quick to pile on the only way it knows how; with gentle mockery.

Refitting a Marvel favorite’s origins is hardly a new phenomenon, but you can completely understand why people would be getting a little concerned about such a drastic departure from Kraven’s usual trappings. This isn’t Kevin Feige’s all-conquering MCU we’re talking about, but the good folks behind Morbius and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, so maybe those fingers should remain crossed a touch tighter, at least until Kraven the Hunter unveils some first-look footage ahead of its theatrical rollout.

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