Fans roast Warner Bros. Discovery for canceling ‘Batgirl’ and cutting back HBO Max

via Warner Bros. Discovery

After the back-to-back pieces of news that Warner Bros Discovery would be canceling the Batgirl movie, despite it being almost complete, and that the company would also be paring down original content for streaming service HBO Max, fans are dunking on the perceived dumpster fire that is the newly-merged company.

All of these controversies also coincided with an investor Q&A this week, making for a very ominous-looking stock graph.

Another pop culture fanatic likened the situation of WBD’s mass cutting of content to the cruelly indifferent way The Walking Dead characters treat each other in a post-apocalypse.

Another HBO Max subscriber simply seemed baffled at the decision of the parent company to eventually merge the streaming service with Discovery Plus, which would cause the seemingly strange juxtaposition of Westworld and something called the 90 Day Fiancé Universe, side by side.

Another Twitter user seemed offended at the notion of seemingly gendered streaming services that arose during the stockholder meeting.

Looney Tunes fans used the WBD-owned cartoon to darkly humorous effect in order to satirize the situation.

“That’s all, folks” seemed to take on an entirely new meaning for one Twitter user.

One commentator couldn’t help but cite HBO Max’s reportedly high satisfaction rating as a reason it seemed so strange WBD would be seemingly de-emphasizing the platform.

Who knows what the shakeup at WBD will entail for the future of the DC Extended Universe and HBO Max, but hopefully it will be on the upswing from here.