Subtle X-Men Origins: Wolverine Nod Spotted In New Deadpool 2 Trailer


One of Deadpool‘s strongest superpowers is his ability to regenerate from practically any injury. But even Wade Wilson struggled to recover from what was done to him in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine – in which they took the Merc with a Mouth, famed for his wisecracks and jokes and uh, sealed up his mouth.

It was like putting Spider-Man in your film and amputating his arms, or giving Bruce Banner a heavyweight dose of valium. Unsurprisingly, Deadpool went out of its way to poke fun at the character’s shoddy treatment in that movie and it’s looking like the sequel is going to be no different.

That said, this new Easter Egg, found in the latest trailer, required eagle eyes to spot, so full credit to the aptly named @4EyedRaven on Twitter for being able to pick it out:

Ryan Reynolds was famously unhappy about the treatment that the Merc received with his first big screen outing, so it’s nice to see he’s taking a chance to get his own back on the film that very nearly finished off Deadpool before he even got started.

Incidentally, a couple of weeks ago I had some time to kill and was idly browsing movies available to stream. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was right there and I wondered whether in this post-Logan age it might be time for a re-evaluation. In a moment of weakness, I took a dive in and made it through about 30 minutes before switching it off in disgust. It boggles the mind how you can make a film about Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine that bad, but somehow director Gavin Hood managed it.

What’s worse is that the pic’s critical mauling put the brakes on X-Men Origins: Magneto, which promised to show the titular anti-hero hunting Nazis around the world after his liberation from a concentration camp. Much of this got folded into X-Men: First Class, but still, I feel like we were robbed of something potentially very special.

So, with that in mind, as far as I’m concerned, the more Deadpool 2 pokes fun at X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘s carcass the better. It’s best off as a punchline.

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