Fans Start All Star Wars Is Good Campaign To Unite The Divided Fanbase

Image via Walt Disney / Lucasfilm

Star Wars has always been a divisive piece of fiction, mostly due to the fact that the space opera has managed to bring a lot of people together over the years. Of course, that galaxy far, far away isn’t just a story, but a cultural powerhouse whose influence on cinema is as lingering as it is undeniable.

Even when the prequels came out two decades after the Original Trilogy, fans obsessed over things they didn’t like about George Lucas’ new vision. Over the years, though, a lot of them have softened up to the glorious days of the Republic and the Clone Wars. So, as you’d expect, the new victim of divisiveness within the fandom is Disney’s Sequel Trilogy. And it all started with Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi for its bold strokes in pushing the narrative to find novelty. But even the very best attempts of J.J. Abrams to undo the damage in The Rise of Skywalker failed and catering to fan opinion in the last installment ended up backfiring in the Mouse House’s face.

As such, Star Wars remains unequivocally divisive in the world of fiction. Now, however, many fans have come together to resolve age-old issues about what the galaxy far, far away should be, running a campaign on Twitter called #AllStarWarsIsGood. Whether you agree with that sentiment or not, the point is that everyone gets something out of Star Wars, so there’s no need for hostility within the fanbase.

Check out some of the tweets for yourself below:

Not that Star Wars fans can’t ever find common ground, mind you. In the last year alone, they almost unanimously praised The Mandalorian and the final season of The Clone Wars. Nonetheless, it’s been proven time and again that the fanbase is toxic. So, this move towards a more positive attitude is actually commendable at the end of the day.

Tell us, though, what do you think about this campaign? And do you think that all Star Wars is good? Let us know in the usual place below.