Fans Take To Twitter To Celebrate The 18th Anniversary Of X-Men


The first 18 years of the X-Men film franchise has certainly had its rocky periods, but somehow this mutant-based property of ever-mutating continuity has managed to persist, leaving us with quite a few good memories along the way.

With the original 2000 film now old enough to buy its own cigarettes, fans took to Twitter this week to show their appreciation for the movie that not only kicked off the X-Men series and brought us such lasting characters as Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Patrick Stewart’s Professor Xavier, but also helped steer the course for 21st century superhero flicks in general.

Below you’ll find but a sampling of the Tweets that have surfaced in recent days, with many taking to the social media platform to show their love for the franchise.

After the popular and well-reviewed first installment, the series arguably topped itself three years later with X2. The trilogy-capping X-Men: The Last Stand, however, proved a disappointment, and after 2009’s infamous X-Men Origins: Wolverine, many were predicting that the franchise had run its course until X-Men: First Class put things back on track two years later. In the wake of 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse, the property is again in a slightly awkward position, with spinoff movies like Logan and Deadpool 2 doing more than the main series to keep the brand relevant.

In that light, it’ll be interesting to see how Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants fare when they hit theaters next year on February 14th and August 2nd, respectively. The first lines of the first X-Men film were about evolution, and this is one property that’s certainly not afraid to take bold measures to keep extinction at bay.