Fans think Sony’s superhero movies could go the way of the Dark Universe

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Over time, the MCU has swallowed up nearly all the bubble Marvel movie universes out there, with Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and X-Men now operating under the eye of Marvel Studios. The only one still standing is Sony‘s Spider-Man spinoff universe, which is entirely populated by enemies of Peter Parker given their own solo movies. Fans were initially skeptical this concept could work but now, three movies in… we’re convinced it doesn’t work.

Following the infamy of Morbius, which sucked the life out of cinemagoers when it belatedly arrived in theaters this April, some are speculating that Sony’s Marvel sub-franchise may be headed for the same fate as another doomed attempt to replicate the success of the MCU. Twitter user @HailEternal went viral by comparing the Sony saga to Universal’s short-lived Dark Universe.

“[T]hat whole Sony Spiderverse is going to end up like they did,” the OP wrote, attaching the notorious Dark Universe cast photo that Universal released back in 2016. It features The Mummy’s Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, and Sofia Boutella with Javier Bardem — who was supposed to play Frankenstein’s Monster — and Johnny Depp — once lined up to portray the Invisible Man.

Many folks are keeping their fingers crossed this tweet becomes a prophecy.

While others think that Sony should’ve quite while they were ahead with the Venom flicks.

To be fair, though, Sony’s Spiderverse has already passed Dark Universe by two whole movies, so it’s already more successful. Although that’s a relative term.

And will Sony really end their plans if even the colossal failure of Morbius didn’t deter them?

Maybe the upcoming Kraven the Hunter movie could prove to be the last straw.

Wise words. Don’t skip leg day, people.

Whatever happens to the live-action films, thankfully Sony’s animated Spider-Verse saga is in much ruder health.

As said above, the next Sony-verse entry is Kraven the Hunter, starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, which is out next January. The studio’s also working on El Muerto, as based on a ridiculously obscure comics character and starring Bad Bunny. Given how much fun the internet has had roasting it already, if that one doesn’t sink the franchise, nothing will.

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