Fans upset there was no Mario movie update in latest Nintendo Direct

Fans of the Mushroom Kingdom were sent spiraling down a sewer pipe at the news — or rather, lack thereof — in the newest Nintendo Direct Wednesday, with no further news regarding the Mario film.

There was not even a mention of the smallest details, such as a trailer or even a teaser as many had set their hearts on. The animated film, which has yet to receive an official title, is being produced in collaboration with Nintendo and Despicable Me‘s Illumination.

The cast for the film, which includes Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Chris Pratt as Mario, was first announced at a Nintendo Direct in September of last year with an expected release date of Dec. 21, 2022.

One fan appropriately conjured Pratt in one of his most upset expressions from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to express their dismay.

The compounding tragedies of no updates for Breath of the Wild 2 or Hollow Knight: Silksong, in addition to the lack of movie news, was enough for one Twitter user to hold their head in their hands.

A very watery-eyed Mario was the image that summed up one Twitter user’s reaction to the lack of news.

The lack of the Italian plumber’s cinematic update was enough to leave one Twitter user moping in the rain.

However, a lot of video game users on the social media platform were rejoicing over some of the other announcements, such as the first two Earthbound games now being available on the Switch and new levels coming to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Another Twitter user pointed out, as cool as it would be to see a Mario movie update, nothing will ever be as earth-shattering as that initial cast announcement, including the out-of-left-field but somehow spot on selections of Jack Black as Bowser and Charlie Day as Luigi. Anya Taylor-Joy is an absolute dead ringer for Peach though, not gonna lie.

Stay strong, Mario fans, we’re hopeful that an update for his animated cinematic debut is just around the corner. In the meantime, why not give the criminally underrated 1993 live action adaption, Super Mario Bros., with Bob Hoskins as Mario, a shot?

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