Fantastic Four Director Won’t Ever Make Another Marvel Or DC Movie


2015’s Fantastic Four could have been the successful restart Marvel’s First Family deserved but it turned out to be… er, not so much of a success. The reboot has since become infamous for the hefty production issues that surrounded it, with the final product having the effects of those behind the scenes problems written all over it. It’s no surprise, then, that director Josh Trank doesn’t seem in a hurry to make another superhero blockbuster.

After years of silence on the project, Trank has been opening up about the disaster on social media lately, memorably throwing shade at his own film earlier this year. This has led a few fans to ask him if he’d ever direct a second Marvel movie or possibly hop over to the DC universe. The two most recent times Trank was offered this question, the answer he gave was a definitive no.

That’s an understandable decision from Trank, as the fallout from Fantastic Four undoubtedly did damage to his career. Prior to its release, the filmmaker was attached to helm Star Wars Anthology movie for Lucasfilm, but he was dropped from the project afterwards. Trank claims this was a personal choice on his part, but reports say it was due to all those stories that pointed to him being unprofessional on set of FF. 

Trank seemed to be destined for big things after he made 2012’s Chronicle (co-starring FF’s Michael B. Jordan), which offered a fresh take on the superhero genre, and thankfully, he looks set to bounce back with Fonzo, the upcoming biopic starring Tom Hardy as Al Capone. Just don’t expect Marvel to turn to him to helm their reimagining of the Fantastic Four, now that they have the rights back from Fox.