‘Fantastic Four’ fanatics wonder how the MCU will handle a tricky character

Image via Marvel Comics

While many superheroes have excessive abilities in the comic books, adapting all their powers in live adaptations usually proves quite difficult. With a Fantastic Four film in development, MCU fans wonder whether the extremely powerful Franklin Richards, son of Reed Richards and Susan Storm will appear in a nerfed capacity in the upcoming film. 

The debate began after a Reddit user posted a list of Franklin’s overwhelming powers from the comics, and asked other fans if they expect a live adaptation of the powerful youngster who defeated Mephisto, among other huge feats. 

One fan pointed out that Franklin was just so powerful that he was ejected out of the 616 comics timeline and that it’s highly unlikely that he will ever show up in the MCU. 

A recurring comment was that the character’s abilities will most likely be severely toned down to accommodate potential threats, especially as many other comic book characters have been nerfed before. 

Here are some other responses that don’t see the character appearing in the MCU, and even if he does show up, he will be stripped of much of his power. 

There’s still a long time to go before a Fantastic Four film is expected, however. It is slated for a 2024 release as a part of Phase Six of the MCU. As Phase Five is yet to begin, fans will have to wait a while for more news concerning the film and whether the insanely powerful Franklin Richards will make an appearance in any capacity. However, with the ability to rebuild the Multiverse, one thing is for certain — the son of Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman is not to be toyed with.