‘Fantastic Four’ star reflects on the disastrous reboot

Fantastic Four

Any self-respecting comic book fan is fully aware that the Fantastic Four haven’t had the easiest time on the big screen so far, with none of the four movies featuring three different lineups faring particularly well.

The first was only made to keep hold of the rights and was never even released, while Tim Story’s mid-2000s duology could generously be described as mediocre at best. Then there’s Josh Trank’s 2015 effort, which deservedly holds a place in infamy for a multitude of reasons.

Not only did it effectively torpedo the filmmaker’s mainstream career, but it flopped hard at the box office and was savaged by critics, earning the unwanted distinction of becoming one of the worst-reviewed superhero blockbusters in history.

Nobody to have lent their name to Fantastic Four has had much in the way of positive things to say about their experience, with Toby Kebbell the latest to reflect on the project in an interview with Forbes.

“You know, I’ll be entirely honest… I don’t think we were a victim of timing, I think we were a victim of bad leadership and organization. I mean in charge, in charge, not people creating and working on set…So there were unfortunate things. In Hollywood, you can’t ever speak ill and I’m not doing that, I’m just saying while I was there, there was a lot more that could have been done to make that a better thing.

There’s fans for it. I truly believe it. I think Doom… I truly believe Doom is an awesome villain, he’s an excellent villain and they kind of always just do something goofy with it. It’s a shame, it’s a shame. I honestly feel that way. I wouldn’t have gone into it thinking, ‘Ah, this is going to be another terrible movie.’ I thought they had that. At that time Marvel was already the Apex predator, it was already the one to beat, they were already the people to try to do the thing with.

Why that effort wasn’t put in, I don’t know. But, yeah I know none of those people will call me back to work with them, so the truth as I see it is that more could have been done by the powers that be. So I hope, I truly hope, that someone does create a great version because I truly believe… I’m a big fan of Doom as a character. He’s awesome. So, yeah. I hope they do it just right.”

On the plus side, if there’s anybody who can finally do the Fantastic Four justice, it’s Kevin Feige and his Marvel Cinematic Universe. Throw in Spider-Man director Jon Watts, and fifth time is surely going to mark the charm.

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