A Fantastic Horror Movie Has Been Dominating Netflix Today

What Keeps You Alive

When it comes to horror movies, Netflix always has a nice selection to choose from. Be it bonafide classics, underrated gems or overlooked titles that deserve another shot, the streamer’s vast library should be able to provide something for fans from all corners of the genre to enjoy.

But what’s particularly great about horror on Netflix is that the platform’s massive subscriber base gives smaller, lesser known films a chance to be seen by a much wider audience than they may have attracted in theaters during their limited runs. And that’s especially true of What Keeps You Alive.

This excellent horror flick had a limited run in cinemas back in 2018 along with a VOD debut around the same time, and earned exceptionally strong reviews. Not to mention it also had an impressive showing on the festival circuit before that. However, due to the limited nature of its time in theaters, and the fact that it isn’t exactly a AAA production with big Hollywood stars, it was overlooked by general audiences. But now that it’s on Netflix, that’s all changed.

What Keeps You Alive

Just a few days after hitting the streaming siteWhat Keeps You Alive has snagged a spot on Netflix’s Top 10 most-watched movies list and is currently the ninth most-watched film on the platform, as of today. That’s certainly impressive for a title that most people probably hadn’t even heard of, and its popularity is without a doubt well-deserved.

Smart, stylish and consistently thrilling, What Keeps You Alive tells the story of a female married couple looking to celebrate their one-year anniversary, only for things to go very, very wrong. We won’t spoil anything else here, as you should go into this one with as much of a blank slate as possible, but it’s definitely worth your time if you’re looking for a quality horror movie to flip on on Netflix tonight.