Fast & Furious Star Wants Denzel Washinton To Join The Franchise

Denzel Washington Featured

Having exploded in popularity since reinventing itself as a globetrotting series of spectacular adventures a decade ago, Fast & Furious is now one of the five highest-grossing movie franchises in history, which would have sounded ludicrous had you said that 20 years ago when Vin Diesel and Paul Walker first shared a Corona.

As the family continues to expand, the series has roped in one of the industry’s most eclectic ensembles, with everyone from Academy Award winners to martial artists and musicians dropping by for at least one appearance. However, Denzel Washington turned down the opportunity to appear in the seventh installment, and while the role was never revealed, the smart money would surely be on Mr. Nobody.

In a new interview with ScreenRant to promote F9‘s home video release, Sung Kang admitted that he’d heard the rumors about the legendary actor being invited to join the party, something he hopes will still happen eventually.

“There was talk that Denzel Washington was going to be in our film, and I think he was initially maybe going to play Vin’s dad, or something like that? I’m a huge Denzel fan, so I would love to see him again, and share the screen with him, so someone like him.”

Kang worked with Washington on 2002 biopic Antwone Fisher in one of his first acting gigs, and he’s clearly hoping they’ll cross paths again. Denzel doesn’t really do sequels or franchises with the sole exception of The Equalizer 2, though, meaning it’d be a tough task to convince him to board Fast & Furious, especially at the second time of asking.