Feast Your Eyes On Avengers: Infinity War’s Incredible VFX Reel


Avengers: Infinity War was nothing if not spectacular.

From the opening moments of Joe and Anthony Russo’s star-studded crossover (which, incidentally, picks up just where Thor: Ragnarok left off), viewers are thrust into a dizzying maelstrom of visual effects and set pieces so ambitious in their scale and scope, that we were left clutching the arms of our chair.

Take the one in which Spider-Man‘s dangling from Ebony Maw’s doughnut ship. Refusing to stay home and watch Infinity War unfold from the sidelines, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker springs into action, only to wind up in low-Earth orbit as he desperately tries to rescue Doctor Strange.

That’s where Tony Stark comes into the equation, and flings an upgraded suit (the Iron Spider, no less) towards Peter just in time, which simultaneously stops his fall and allows him to breathe in outer space. See for yourself:

This is just one of the many CG-laden action scenes from Infinity War, and it’s a credit to the brilliant minds at Industrial Light and Magic (and Marvel Studios) that each one is relatively seamless – even when the film switched gears into a full-blown cosmic epic, with the Guardians coming into town and Rocket Raccoon (and a moody Groot!) guiding Thor towards Nidavellir, where he must forge a new weapon to topple Thanos.

Its name? Stormbreaker, and while their return to Wakanda is arguably the thunderous highlight of the entire movie, our Norse god was unable to finish his mission, leaving Thanos with just enough life in him to snap those giant purple fingers and trigger the apocalypse… or the MCU equivalent.

Those actions will no doubt have far-reaching consequences for Avengers 4 and beyond, though we’ll have to wait until 2019 before we have a better read on the MCU’s next steps.