Fede Alvarez Asks Fans If They Want Evil Dead 2 Or Don’t Breathe 2


I’ll admit that when the Fede Alvarez-directed reboot of Sam Raimi’s untouchable 1981 cult horror classic, Evil Dead, was first announced, I was awash with apprehension. However, despite my disquiet, when the 2013 remake, currently sitting at 62% on Rotten Tomatoes, hit theaters, I still went to a screening opening weekend and I must say, the flick left me pleasantly surprised.

With ample gore and a steady stream of violence, albeit without the trademark humor and obscurity, Alvarez’s reimagining, although nowhere near Raimi’s original fright fest, managed to recreate, at the very least, a respectable amount of dread and stomach-churning viscera that made the 1981 film so successful.

With Ash vs. Evil Dead officially cancelled and Bruce Campbell retired from the titular role, it would seem that now would be an ideal time for a sequel to Alvarez’s 2013 version of Evil Dead. Something that the filmmaker appears to be keenly aware of, even if it is just for fun.

Evil Dead Remake

The director in question took to Twitter this weekend and Tweeted out an interesting poll. Alvarez asked followers and fans if they’d rather see him helm Evil Dead 2 or Don’t Breathe 2, two sequels he’s previously expressed interest in making. Of course, Evil Dead 2 won. Emphatically, I might add, with 70% of the votes.

A Twitter poll isn’t confirmation of anything, of course. Far from it, in fact. Optimistically, though, Alvarez could be gauging fan interest, possibly for a pitch to financial backers. You know, for proof that there are those of us who would welcome a sequel to either film.

Don’t Breathe, currently sitting at 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, was, without question, one of the biggest surprises of 2016, and cemented the director as a rising talent, but Evil Dead has a pretty big fanbase as well and at this point, we’d gladly get behind a sequel to either. Whether anything will come from this poll, we can’t say for sure, but tell us, which film would you want to see Alvarez make?