Filming Halted On The Flash After Batcycle Accident

The Flash

The Flash Movie production was halted today after a reported accident involving the Batcycle and a camera operator. 

According to Glasgow Live, the camera operator was filming the Batcycle from behind on a separate motorcycle. The operator collided with the stunt double while filming and was launched beneath the Batcycle. 

Eyewitnesses on the scene reported that the crewmember was eventually taken away by an ambulance, as the rest of the crew applauded. It is unclear how extensive the camera operator’s injuries are or how long the production will be halted.

Fans are excited to see what is rumored to be Ben Affleck’s Batman in The Flash and see how the new movie relaunches the DC franchise. The Flash will follow Ezra Miller as Barry Allen after the events of the Justice League. The film will reportedly focus on his decision to change his past, which creates a new reality in the DC universe. 

The Flash will meet two versions of Batman: Ben Affleck’s version featured in the recent DC movies and Michael Keaton’s Batman previously featured in Batman and Batman Returns. The film will ignore the Batman Forever and Batman & Robin films as Keaton was not featured in either movie.

Keaton’s Batman is reportedly from an alternate universe, and fans expect this to be the last time Affleck’s Batman appears in the DC cinematic universe. It is unclear how the changes will impact the rest of the Justice League cast, but there will likely be other significant changes. 

Hopefully, the camera operator only sustained minor injuries and can return to set soon to keep The Flash production on track.