A Ton Of Great Movies Hit Streaming And On Demand This Weekend

The Outpost

Tomorrow will be the fourth of July. For months, Americans have been looking forward to this holiday and the festive relief from their lonely coronavirus-induced confinements it will provide. Thanks to premature easing of social distance guidelines throughout the country, however, such relief may have to wait.

With New York Governor Andrew Cuomo urging residents not to attend indoor events and the Governor of Texas issuing mandatory mask use in most counties, sprawling parties are no longer on the menu this year. Don’t fret, though, because why would you want to hang out with a group of strangers if you can stay home and watch a movie with your loved ones? Streaming services are adding a ton of new content this weekend, after all.

First and foremost, Disney+ subscribers will be able to watch a recording of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s acclaimed and oh-so-popular musical Hamilton. Based on the life and death of America’s least-known founding father, Alexander Hamilton, this version, filmed back in 2016 before the pandemic hit, will allow audiences to experience the musical in a never-before-seen theatrical way.


Meanwhile, Netflix subscribers will be able to watch the comedy road trip movie Desperados. Directed by LP, its story follows a group of young women who travel to Mexico to delete an awkward email one of them sent to their boyfriend. Starring Robbie Amell, Heather Graham, Nasim Pedrad and Anna Camp, this feel-good film is sure to – well – leave you feeling good.

Elsewhere, HBO Max subscribers will be able to watch the entire Blade trilogy from start to finish. Adapted from a series of Marvel comics, this franchise – which began with Stephen Norrington’s cult classic back in 1998, helped save Marvel from complete and utter destruction. Even if you aren’t a fan of the movies, then, you may owe it to the Avengers to check them out.

Should you not be in the mood for any of these films though, you can also catch Roland Emmerich’s war epic Midway (HBO), Game of Death (Digital), which centers on “a simple yet deadly game of “kill or be killed,” The Outpost (Digital), a critically acclaimed wartime drama starring Orlando Bloom, Four Kids and It (Digital), a family friendly fantasy film, The Whistlers (Hulu), which was “nominated for the prestigious Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival,” Vienna and the Fantomes (Digital), Dakota Fanning’s new movie which follows “a roadie who travels across North America with a punk band in the 1980s,” Under the Riccione Sun (Netflix), an enjoyable Italian comedy, and To the Stars (Hulu), a new coming-of-age drama.