Final Destination Movies Have Left Netflix, But Are Now On Hulu


Love it or hate it, Netflix offers up one of the most comprehensive and exhaustive streaming catalogues out of any platform. Aside from the massive list of outside films and shows that find themselves appearing on the site, we’ve also got an ever-expanding collection of original content that comes directly from Netflix themselves.

Unfortunately, though, the company doesn’t exactly have a bottomless pit of storage and as such, every month a number of movies and TV series leave the platform. August has proven to be no different and in particular, it’s been a difficult day for horror fans, as a ton of notable titles from the genre are now gone from Netflix.

Perhaps most crushing of all is that the Final Destination movies are no longer available to stream. Though none of them are outright classics or even close, they’re all a lot of fun and have a pretty decent following, so it’s a shame that the series no longer resides on the streaming service.


There is a silver lining of sorts, though, as Hulu has swooped in and picked up most of the franchise, with Final Destination, Final Destination 2, Final Destination 3 and The Final Destination now available to stream on the site. Sadly, Final Destination 5 isn’t available, but as a consolation, the company has also added Alien vs. Predator, Rosemary’s Baby, Seven and The Terminator today.

Of course, it’s likely that most horror fans won’t be pick up a Hulu subscription just for those aforementioned films if they don’t have one already, but with Netflix beginning to lose market share and some of its competitors really beginning to pick up steam and offering tons of great content, it might be worth looking into investing in another streaming service in the near future. After all, it’s not like the Final Destination movies will be the last good horror pics that the company loses.