Here’s When We Could See The Final Justice League Trailer


It feels like forever since the first footage of Justice League landed at Comic-Con last summer, but the movie is finally set to arrive in cinemas in little over a month. That means that we can expect one last trailer for DC’s team-up event film to debut very soon. Maybe even, as has been speculated, in about a week’s time.

The fuel for this theory comes from Warner Bros.’ presentation at the National Owners of Theatres Fall Summit held yesterday. The highlight of the evening was the appearance of DC chief Geoff Johns, who screened a brand new Justice League trailer for those in attendance. Most likely, this means that it’s all set to go before the public in the near future.

Batman-News believes that it could be attached to Blade Runner 2049, which lands in theatres on October 5th and also hails from Warner Bros. If you’re not planning on heading to the cinema that night though, don’t fret, as the trailer will probably make its way online shortly after.

As Comic Book Movie points out, this isn’t just the final preview for Justice League – it’s more important that that. That’s because it will also offer fans their first glimpse at the footage directed by Joss Whedon as part of the movie’s extensive reshoots that went on over the summer. We’ve mostly been assured that Whedon’s continuing on in the same approach as Snyder, so it’ll be interesting to see whether The Avengers helmer’s unique style jumps out at all in this new look at the film.

On that note, rumours continue to swirl over what changes Whedon has made to the movie, with characters such as Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor and Kiersey Clemon’s Iris West allegedly being removed completely. On the other hand, Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince has reportedly been given a bolstered role, possibly in response to the immense success of Wonder Woman.

One way or another, we’ll find out what exactly’s been cut when Justice League lands in theatres on November 17th.

Source: Batman-News