Justice League Advance Screening Didn’t Feature Lex Luthor


We’re finally getting close to Justice League, the movie that DC fans have been waiting for decades to materialize. With the team-up extravaganza hitting cinemas in November, it was revealed earlier today that the first screening has been held by Warner Bros. for a select few.

While not much has leaked from that so far, one interesting nugget of info has made its way online. Batman-News.com is reporting that three fans who attended the screening have got in touch with them to say that Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor will not be appearing in Justice League. The site made the announcement via Twitter with the following Tweet:

Luthor’s role in Justice League has been a matter of much contention for months. Originally, it was said that Eisenberg would be making a cameo in the movie back when director Zack Snyder was at the wheel. Once Joss Whedon took over for the extensive reshoots, however, it was believed that the bald supervillain’s role in the plot had been done away with. Still, rumors here and there have claimed otherwise.

Eisenberg’s unique take on Superman’s nemesis as a young, neurotic, twitching lunatic was not viewed positively by most fans when he debuted in last year’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. With a role in Justice League, though, it seemed that the DCEU was committed to continuing with his controversial portrayal. Now, though, with the franchise removing itself more and more from previous movies, it looks like any ties to BvS are being dropped – and Lex Luthor is one of the unfortunate victims.

Still, Luthor’s far too important a character to just disappear completely, so it’s likely Jesse Eisenberg will get to play the villain again in, say, the inevitable Justice League sequel, or Man of Steel 2. When he does eventually return, you can bet that the LexCorp tycoon will want revenge on Supes and Bats for locking him up in Arkham Asylum.

Justice League is set to arrive in theatres on November 17th.