Looks Like Warner Hosted A Secret Test Screening Of Joss Whedon’s Justice League


With Justice League now beginning to round the final corner, earlier this week Warner Bros. hosted a super-secret screening of the ensemble movie, offering a select pool of lucky fans the chance to clock eyes on an “assembly cut” prior to release.

Bound by non-disclosure agreements, any Tweets containing reactions or knee-jerk reviews have since been deleted, as the Powers That Be clamp down on potential spoilers. Those Twitter posts that survived the cull, as you’ll see below, merely confirm that the screening took place, with one fan reportedly summarizing his thoughts with, “ehh, it’s fine?” Another lucky viewer Tweeted: “Last tweet got deleted. Let’s hope they don’t delete this one. I saw #JusticeLeague 2 nights ago, I can’t say anything except but WOW! #SUPERB.”

But let’s not get caught up in a potential game of Chinese whispers; Warner Bros. has clearly rolled out red tape wherever necessary to protect its Justice League ensemble movie from spoilers and other forms of sabotage, though if nothing else, these Tweets prove that a finished cut of JL exists.

Granted, it’s incredibly unlikely that those fortunate few invited to Warner’s test screening managed to glimpse Joss Whedon’s final cut, as there are still two full months to go until release. These screengrabs confirm as much, too, with one user noting that the invitations sent out by the studio were for an “assembly cut screening.”

Between Zack Snyder’s decision to step down and those reports of extensive reshoots, Justice League has been in a state of flux for the past four months, and it’s believed Joss Whedon added more Wonder Woman scenes upon climbing no board. Not only that, but sources have even gone so far as to suggest that the two-time Avengers director has tweaked Steppenwolf in order to make the villain much more formidable, as opposed to being rendered as a mere stepping stone for the all-powerful Darkseid.

Justice League will finally see a release on November 17th.