Final Suicide Squad Trailer Unveils Viola Davis’ Puppet Master


Belle Reve Penitentiary is home to DC’s worst of the worst; the manic anti-heroes that will soon headline David Ayer’s Suicide Squad.

Previous trailers may have doubled down on Jared Leto’s Clown Prince of Crime and how he fits into proceedings, but in the reality of Warner’s bat-shit insane offshoot, it is Viola Davis’ devious ring leader Amanda Waller that pulls the strings of Task Force X, quietly assembling the world’s strangest superteam in the bowels of Belle Reve.


That’s something that takes center stage in today’s final – and, admittedly, short and snappy – trailer for Ayer’s feature film, which crams in a fair amount of new footage, if that’s what you’re after. If you’re hoping to keep any potential spoilers at bay, however, we’d advise against watching this latest snippet.

Besides, Suicide Squad is now just over two weeks out from its theatrical release, and in anticipation of the movie’s grand arrival, director David Ayer recently teased that the core arc is ripped straight from canon.

“The backbone of this story is right out of canon, and it’s one comic book. I’m not going to say which one. That’s just one out of a two-foot stack. The potential is always there, but as a filmmaker, you have to make the movie work and stand it up on its own two legs and be utterly complete as an experience. Otherwise, you are doing the movie injustice.”

In little over a fortnight’s time, Suicide Squad will debut in theaters and to get up to speed on all things Task Force X, you can check out the gallery of images, below.

Source: Comic Book