Finding Nemo Sequel In The Works

Get ready for more jokes from Nemo and Marlin the clown fish as Pixar has announced that it is developing a Finding Nemo sequel – a follow-up to its 2003 global smash. According to Deadline, Andrew Stanton will return to direct, coming off the debacle that was John Carter earlier this year.

Originally, Stanton (who also directed beloved animated hits A Bug’s Life and WALL-E) was very hesitant in taking the dive again but it’s safe to say after losing Disney $200 million with his Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation, he is ready to head back to his comfort zone and lick his proverbial wounds.

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love the original Finding Nemo, but I’m really beginning to be wary of volume of Pixar re-visits now that we’ve had two Toy Story sequels, Cars 2 and an upcoming prequel with Monsters University. Stanton is a talented artist and if he has an idea worth adapting, I’ll be behind him all the way (I’m just sceptical that this is the whole story).

TV writer Victoria Strouse is set to write the screenplay according to THR, with the release date tentatively set for 2016. It is not yet known which of the original cast will return.

In the meantime, Pixar will bring us The Good Dinosaur, a still-untitled film from Up director Peter Docter and a forthcoming film about Dia de los Muertos. 

However, if it’s colourful fish you’re looking for, Finding Nemo 3D swims back into multiplexes on September 14.