Ghostbusters: Afterlife Star Promises That The Film Will Be Really Funny


While the debut trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife hit the sweet spot between mystery and nostalgia, some fans have been somewhat concerned about the upcoming pic’s comedic elements, or lack thereof.

Essentially, fans have been wondering whether writer-director Jason Reitman – son of the original Ghostbusters movies’ helmer, Ivan Reitman – will nail the horror-comedy tone that was so noticeable in his father’s beloved ’80s classics. Clearly, the serious tone of the spooky two-and-a-half minute preview clip is eerie and intriguing, for sure, but the question still remains: Will Ghostbusters: Afterlife be laugh-out-loud funny like the iconic OG films?

Well, in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, star Finn Wolfhard has gone on record to placate fans and has promised them that Ghostbusters: Afterlife is going to be a super funny movie. Here’s the rundown, courtesy of THR:

The trailer only showed some of it, but it’s a Ghostbusters movie so it’s a really funny film. Every scene has comedy in it. I’m excited for people to see more of the humour in the movie.

Specifically, when asked about his character, Trevor, having a lot of dry humour in the movie, Wolfhard went on to explain:

Yeah, he’s a pretty dumb character. (Laughs.) It’s not that he’s written dumb, he’s just a dumb teenager and totally naive. Everything is way over his head. He’s obsessed with cars and girls. So it’s really fun to play him.

Following Wolfhard’s turn as a menacing villain in the critically-maligned supernatural thriller, The Turning, it’s great to hear that the actor is finally getting back to his more charming brand of teenage wit and banter. And hopefully, his promise of humour and comedy in the forthcoming movie will bode well for Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which releases theatrically in July.

But what say you? Will you be checking it out? Or will you be giving the movie a wide berth? Grab your proton packs, hop in Ecto-1 and let us know in the usual place down below.