First Central Intelligence Trailer Features Big Action And Bigger Laughs


Over the past few years, comedian-cum-actor Kevin Hart has partnered with a variety of actors for different spins on the buddy cop genre. From Will Ferrell in the frankly underwhelming Get Hard to Ice Cube in Ride Along – and soon its sequel – though none of the actor’s on-screen confidantes come close to Bob. Played by Dwayne Johnson in the uproarious first trailer for Central Intelligence, Hart’s latest number two is a whole new kettle of fish, and the results are rather hilarious.

Arriving on the heels of yesterday’s array of images, the footage comes in at a brisk clip. Championing the almost effortless chemistry between Johnson and Hart, it’s the latter actor who plays the part of a former high school jock who crosses paths with an old classmate in Johnson’s towering Bob. Once known as Fat Robbie in high school, The Rock’s larger-than-life character is now a trained killer working for the CIA, one who is forced to recruit Hart against his will in order to complete a top-secret mission.

“There were moments I had to pull back when I wanted to be funny. But it wasn’t my role in this film. That was his role,” Hart told USA Today. “It’s expanding the acting portfolio I am trying to build.”

Revolving around a precious batch of military secrets, the actual reason for Hart and Johnson’s partnership in Central Intelligence is merely the MacGuffin driving some truly brilliant comedic interplay between the pair, and if there was ever a money shot to sell an upcoming comedy, it’s a CG shot of a pudgy Dwayne Johnson singing in the shower.

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, New Line Cinema and Universal Pictures’ Central Intelligence also brings together Amy Ryan, Ed Helms, Danielle Nicolet and Bobby Brown for the riotous actioner, and it’s due to blast into theaters on June 17, 2016.