First ‘Evil Dead Rise’ trailer promises demonic mommy issues and plenty of blood


Following a 10-year hiatus from cinemas, we now have our first extended look at the return of an all-time iconic horror franchise, as Evil Dead Rises has released its first full-length trailer.

The long-awaited fifth entry in the series is getting closer, with Alyssa Sutherland combining demonic issues with single mom issues in the latest installment. Instead of being set in an isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere, Evil Dead Rise finds an L.A. apartment as the home for the Necronomicon.

The age-restricted version of the trailer is enough to whet horror fans’ appetites, as there’s gore galore, a demon getting creative with a cheese grater, and an unfortunate pony-tail incident, all creepily playing to a soundtrack of Doris Day’s “Que Será Será.”

Evil Dead Rise also marks a first for the franchise, being the first film in the saga to have child actors in key roles, and will also not feature Bruce Campbell in a starring role. Rise promises themes of motherhood to complement the franchise’s suitably over the top gore, with director Lee Cronin saying over 6500 liters of fake blood were used in the production.

The mostly lesser-known cast sees a smorgasbord of Australian and New Zealand talent involved, with Rises filmed in New Zealand during 2021. Campbell and original trilogy director Sam Raimi are attached to the film as executive producers, just as they were for 2013’s Evil Dead remake.

Evil Dead Rise originally wasn’t intended to get a cinematic release, but shunted onto streaming. The confidence in the project has seen it graduate from HBO Max release to a full theatrical run. The Cronin-directed film will hit cinemas April 21, 2023, 42 years after The Evil Dead released.