First Images Revealed From Jason Momoa’s New Western

jason momoa the last manhunt

Jason Momoa might be very comfortable operating in the big budget genre sandbox after moving from Dune to Season 2 of AppleTV+ series See and then diving straight into superhero sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, but he’s more than capable of delivering the goods in smaller projects as well.

The Last Manhunt shot in late 2019, with Momoa co-writing the script, executive producing and starring. Set in 1909, the true-life tale follows Willie Boy and the love of his life Carlota, who go on the run after she accidentally shoots her own father. President Taft is on his way to California for a visit, and the local sheriff wants justice before the big day.

The ensemble are largely of Native American descent, and that representation and authenticity was key to the project. The first images from The Last Manhunt have been revealed at long last via Deadline, and you can check them out below.

Momoa’s See co-star Christian Camargo directs The Last Manhunt and also plays Sheriff Frank Wilson, so the DCEU veteran isn’t the only one pulling double duty. The creative team met with the local Native American community to gain insight into the story and ensure the movie did justice to their history and culture, so we can expect one of the more realistic Westerns to come along in a long time whenever it arrives.