Here’s Your First Look At Scooby-Doo In Upcoming Reboot Scoob



Scooby-Dooby-Doo, where are you? Well, right here, actually, as our first look at the classic cartoon character’s redesign for the upcoming animated movie reboot of Mystery Inc.’s adventures has leaked online.

Unlike the live-action films from 2002 and 2004, which some felt featured a Scooby that was weirder-looking than the monsters, the reboot – titled Scoobwill star a very traditional take on the loveable talking dog. As well as looking the same as ever, Scooby will sound the same as ever, too, as he’ll be portrayed by longtime voice actor Frank Welker, who’s been with the franchise ever since it began in 1969.

Filling out the rest of those meddling kids, however, will be a new list of big names including Zac Efron as Fred Jones, Amanda Seyfried as Daphne Blake, Gina Rodriguez as Velma Dinkley and Will Forte as Shaggy Rogers.

The cast was announced just last month, which along with this leaked image, seems to tell us that the movie is finally going somewhere, after languishing in development hell for years. At one time, the film was titled S.C.O.O.B. and would have depicted the Scooby gang as a huge organization of mystery-solvers. The current form of the story looks to have a more classic take on our heroes, but its big hook is that it’ll mix in other beloved Hanna-Barbera cartoon creations, too.

The plot will see the Hanna-Barbera universe unite to foil the latest evil scheme of Dick Dastardly (the villain from Wacky Races), while the extended cast will include Tracey Morgan as Captain Caveman, Kiersey Clemons as his sidekick Dee Dee Sykes and Ken Jeong as Dynomutt, the Dog Wonder. And you thought Avengers: Endgame was the most ambitious crossover in history.

Directed by Space Jam‘s Tony Cervone, Scoob is pencilled in for release on May 15th, 2020.

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