Is This Our First Look At Batman’s New Armored Suit In Justice League?

We already know that Bruce Wayne will have at least two different Batsuits in Justice League next November, but is the Caped Crusader about to get a third? If some new images that surfaced earlier today are to be believed, then yes, and it will be an updated version of the armour worn by the Dark Knight during the events of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

There’s every chance that this is just a well put together fan-made prop, but it does look quite authentic and may also reveal a new title for Justice League – Justice League: Apokolips. That’s a reference to the planet Darkseid and Steppenwolf call home, and with the latter set to attack Earth alongside the Parademons, the movie being named after the planet does make a lot of sense.

Again though, it’s hard to believe that something as big as a new title for the movie would be revealed in this way, but stranger things have happened. If you recall, our first look at the Vision in Captain America: Civil War came via a leaked piece of artwork for an action figure – so who knows?

Going back to the armour though and as you can see, from the helmet at least (which is all we get here, unfortunately), it’s a sleeker and more advanced looking version of the costume than The Dark Knight Returns-inspired version from Batman V Superman. As such, it’ll definitely be cool to see it in action in Justice League – assuming it’s real, of course.

Until we get some kind of confirmation, take a look for yourself in the gallery above and let us know if you think this is genuine or just a hoax.