First Look At Jude Law As Mar-Vell In Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel will star Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, the Air Force pilot who’s reborn as a vastly super-powered superhero when her genes are spliced with Kree DNA. As comic book fans know, however, Carol wasn’t the first Captain Marvel, that honor goes to the Kree soldier Mar-Vell. The movie will pay homage to his long tenure in the mantle, too, as Jude Law’s set to play the part in Marvel’s upcoming feminist blockbuster.

Thanks to EW, we now have our first look at Law in character which, along with some illuminating info, helps us work out what sort of role he’ll have in the proceedings. According to the outlet, Law’s the commander of an elite squad known as Starforce, which Captain Marvel is a part of.

Their military bond can be seen in the photo of Danvers and Mar-Vell fighting side by side, while another image sees him dressed in the green costume that we’d already seen Larson wearing in set photos. You can check out both shots, along with a few others, in the gallery down below.

Guardians of the Galaxy fans will also note the presence of Lee Pace standing next to Law in one of these images, a behind the scenes shot which sees the actors being guided by co-director Anna Boden. Pace is reprising his role as Kree fanatic Ronan the Accuser, though the character will be in a very different place from where we last saw him. This time, Ronan will be a respected Kree leader and an ally to Starforce.

What we don’t know is if Mar-Vell will live past this movie, but seeing as the character’s most famous storyline is The Death of Captain Marvel, something tells us Law might be joining the long list of short-lived MCU mentors – see Yinsen, Dr. Erskine and the Ancient One – in Captain Marvel when it flies into theaters this coming March.

Source: EW