First Moonfall Poster Confirms The Moon Is Hollow, Not Made Of Cheese


Yesterday brought the first full-length trailer for Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall, and by the end of the promo you’ll have already made your mind up about whether this is the movie for you.

Cinema’s pre-eminent master of disaster is returning to his favored wheelhouse of blowing sh*t up on an unimaginable scale, leaning back into the sci-fi trappings that worked so well with Independence Day, if less so than they did in sequel Resurgence.

A new poster has now arrived, confirming that the Moon is indeed hollow, which is bad news for all the Wallace & Gromit purists out there who were convinced that it was in fact composed entirely of cheese.

Halle Berry’s former astronaut, her former colleague and ex-flame played by Patrick Wilson and John Bradley’s conspiracy nut are the only ones who can prevent the Moon from falling out of orbit, where they too will discover that there’s more to the orbiting rock than meets the eye, with the teaser hinting that intergalactic evil space goop is responsible for whatever’s going on.

It sounds incredibly stupid, which is why Moonfall has the potential to be utterly fantastic when it comes to theaters next February.