Watch: Roland Emmerich Blows Everything Up In Moonfall Trailer


While you have to applaud Roland Emmerich’s desire to expand his filmmaking horizons and test the waters of new genres, let’s not kid ourselves and pretend that audiences don’t want to see him do what he does best; namely, destroying the world in an orgy of CGI excess.

As fate would have it, today brings the first full-length trailer for sci-fi disaster epic Moonfall, which looks to be giving the people what they want in spades. As per the Emmerich formula, the plot appears to be complete nonsense that has something to do with a conspiracy and sentient yet decidedly evil space goo, which threatens the very fate of humanity.

Even further leaning into what’s served him very well over the last quarter of a century, only a plucky band of movie stars and recognizable character actors can save the day, piloting a spacecraft directly inside the Moon as part of a sequence that looks to be self-aware in its ridiculousness, while also echoing the finale of Independence Day.

Moonfall looks big, loud, dumb, and incredibly stupid, which also means that it’s destined to be very entertaining, and should be a blast to catch on the big screen when it comes to theaters in February 2022.