First Official Images For Bridget Jones’ Baby Spark A Brand New Romance

Remaining true to the spirit of the original films, Working Title’s long-in-development sequel Bridget Jones’ Baby will feature Renée Zellweger and Colin Firth caught amid another chapter in their on-again, off-again relationship – yes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. But the studio’s follow-up will also introduce the final corner of this newly imbued love triangle in the form of Grey’s Anatomy heartthrob Patrick Dempsey, and the trio all feature in today’s new batch of promo images.

Arriving by way of Entertainment Weekly, a handful of the photos are taken for EW’s shoot, will the others are lifted from the movie itself. Directed by Sharon Maguire following her genre-defining and frankly hilarious work with the beloved original all those years ago, Bridget Jones’ Baby picks up at a time when Zellweger’s bumbling lead is pregnant and, yes, still single. But who is the father of the child?


There’s no question that that emotional conundrum will act as a major part of the film’s story, and naturally fans have been busy speculating about the identity of the true father of Bridget Jones’ unborn child. Considering that Hugh Grant – who starred as Daniel Cleaver in the 2001 original – has opted not to be a part of the threequel following the underwhelming performance of The Edge of Reason, one would assume that he’ll not play into the plot in any major way, but there’s still an off chance that he is the genuine father.

One way or the other, Maguire’s feature will once again be based on the character from Helen Fielding’s bestselling book series, but can the director capture the charm and fun-loving spirit of the original after so long? We’ll find out next year, as Bridget Jones’ Baby is currently locked for a release on September 16, 2016.