First Official Look At Idris Elba In The Dark Tower


While we’ve already seen numerous set photos from the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, EW has now premiered our very first official look at Idris Elba as Roland Deschain. Armed with two guns and looking suitably badass, the imposing actor told the magazine that his character is driven by rage, but he’s also a protector.

“At the start of the film, Roland is driven by rage, but deep down he is something else. ‘He’s a protector,’ Elba says. He just needs something to reawaken that part of himself.”

Continuing on about what to expect from the intriguing hero, Elba said:

“When we meet Roland he’s a bit lost. He’s been walking around for a long time, so he definitely feels like a man who’s… coiled. There’s a mystical element to him. He’s about 200 years old. He’s been around for a long time, and has a deep-rooted connection with the [supernatural] nature of the film. Roland’s completely tuned into that. When you meet him, he’s very much a stoic man, doesn’t want to talk. But when you get to know him, he really knows quite a bit about the world and his world’s history.”

For those wondering how much the adaptation will differ from the beloved source material, EW reveals that The Dark Tower will “remix the novels much the way superhero movies often draw from decades of comics mythology to create a new cinematic origin story.”

Sure, that’s a bit vague, but at least we know not to expect to see a completely faithful take on King’s story. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but there will definitely be some changes made for the film.

The full EW article, which can be found here, goes into a lot more detail, so definitely be sure to check it out for more. They’ll also be publishing a profile on Matthew McConaughey’s character, The Man In Black, too, so stay tuned for that a little later today.

The Dark Tower opens on February 17th, 2017.