First Trailer For Conjuring Spinoff The Nun Will Be Here Next Week


I love living in the middle of a horror renaissance. After an extended period in the cinematic wilderness, horror movies are ruling the roost at the box office and finally getting the critical appreciation and attention they deserve. Just this week, we’ve seen a trailer for the Suspiria remake and an awesome first glimpse of Halloween. Now, it looks as though we’re set to get a third highly anticipated trailer next Wednesday, as we’ll finally be able to lay eyes on The Nun.

The news comes straight from director Corin Hardy’s mouth via Twitter, where he posted the following message: “You. Have. Been Warned.” Okay, I’ve been warned. Now release the trailer already!

The upcoming film revolves around the demonic nun that first spooked audiences in The Conjuring 2, delving into the character’s horrific origins. The synopsis teases us further, explaining that the plot centers on a nun who commits suicide in a cloistered Romanian nunnery. A priest “with a haunted past” (and I guess also a haunted present) and a novitiate nun must then unearth the dark secret that this order of nuns has been concealing, confronting malevolent forces in that Conjuring style we all know and love.

I’ve got to be honest, nuns freak me out even when they’re not demonic, so this film has the potential to truly drive me round the bend. Here’s hoping it joins the canon of kickass nun movies, too, which also includes Powell and Pressburger’s Black Narcissus, the feel good comedy of Sister Act and the goofiness of Robbie Coltrane and Eric Idle vehicle Nuns on the Run (itself quietly terrifying in its own way).

We’ll have the trailer for you as soon as it lands (advance word on the film is that it’s excellent), but right now, The Nun looks set to be another winning entry in the horror juggernaut that The Conjuring shared universe has become and we can’t wait to get a proper look at it.

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