Disney Wants You To Know That Aaron Paul Is Also In Need For Speed


With Breaking Bad slowly winding down in a calm, collected, and in no way heart attack-inducing way, you’re probably wondering in what easily digestible format you’ll be able to consume your weekly portion of Aaron Paul. Well, you’re going to be disappointed because for the next year or so, your dose of Aaron Paul is going to be as a part of the upcoming cinematic adaptation of infamous gaming franchise Need for Speed.

Disney have released the first two images of the film, featuring the aforementioned Aaron Paul and filmic cohort Dominic Cooper, a British actor becoming known in international waters for stellar performances in An Education; The Devil’s Double; Captain America; and Mamma Mia. Rapper Kid Cudi and Dakota Johnson, the latter of whom was recently cast in the Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation, also feature. Gaze upon them above and below.

There’s a disappointing lack of cars in those pictures, but at least Aaron Paul looks worried – could a single-parent ethnic family, whom he has improbably become emotionally intertwined with, be at risk in the corner of that room? We’ll probably never know, unless of course we pay to see the movie.

But will it be any good? It’s impossible to say at such an early stage – dismissing it out of hand would be unfair, but then so are the inevitable comparisons that will be drawn between it and the Fast & Furious saga. It’s like releasing a giant robot movie when the Transformers series continues to do stellar business – how could that ever work? Basically, to escape from the shadow of Fast & Furious, Need for Speed will have to be the Citizen Kane of films about angry people driving cars really fast. It might just be too little, too late.

Need for Speed is out March 14th, 2014 – Pi day, in the UK. Coincidence?