The First Purge Director Wants To Make A New Blade Movie


While Marvel fans everywhere are speculating on the best ways of bringing the X-Men and Fantastic Four into the MCU in the wake of the Fox-Disney merger, there’s another beloved hero out there who’s been in the Marvel Studios toy box for years that many have long fantasized about entering the fray once more. The man in question is, of course, Eric Brooks, a.k.a. Blade.

While the vampire hunter hasn’t been seen in theaters since 2004’s less-than-beloved Blade: Trinity, actor Wesley Snipes recently teased that he’s been in talks with Marvel about two potential projects for the cinematic universe. What form these may take is unknown, but many filmmakers have already expressed interest in getting their hands on the character and the latest to do so is Gerard McMurray.

Having brought us The First Purge this past summer, the director’s proven his horror credentials already and now wants to take a stab at Blade. Speaking in a recent interview, he said the following:

“To be honest, I would love Blade. Blade was always a cool character,” McMurray shared with about a superhero he’d like to tell a story with. “When I saw Wesley Snipes play him years back, I thought he was always a great character. I thought that Blade would be definitely a cool character to explore. I think he’s interesting. It’s a whole universe with Blade. So I think Blade is definitely somebody worth exploring, looking into.”

While we’re all for seeing Blade back on the big screen, and perhaps even under McMurray’s watchful eye, how exactly could such a thing work? It’s important to remember that Blade: Trinity released 14 years ago and Snipes is now 56. Sure, Blade does age very slowly in the comics, but it’d still be a stretch for him to play the same version of the character that was seen in the original trilogy. Maybe, then, the MCU iteration of Blade could be one who’s aged over the course of his vampire-fighting career?

However Marvel chooses to go about bringing him back, we hope they do so soon, as it’s been far too long since Wesley Snipes was on our screens kicking ass and taking names. Or as Pom Klementieff’s Mantis would say, taking ass and kicking names…