First Reactions For The Suicide Squad Call It An Insane, Violent And Hilarious Movie


Nobody was expecting The Suicide Squad to be terrible, with James Gunn having more than proven his chops when it comes to crafting big budget blockbusters based on relatively obscure comic books revolving around an ensemble cast of misfits who form a dysfunctional family unit on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and if anything his venture into the DCEU generated even more excitement given his R-rated background.

It’s just a few weeks until the soft reboot comes to theaters and HBO Max, and the first wave of early reactions are rolling in. Throughout the development and production of The Suicide Squad, we’ve been hearing from the cast and creative team that Gunn has well and truly been let off the leash to deliver one of the biggest, most bombastic and undeniably bonkers adventures ever seen in the real of costumed crimefighters.

Well, it looks as though he’s lived up to those expectations and them, so it’s time to start getting seriously hyped about The Suicide Squad. As you can see below, the lucky few to have seen the movie already can’t get enough of the heady mix between violence, heart, humor and irreverent escapades.

It feels reductive to label The Suicide Squad as ‘Guardians of the Galaxy with an R-rating’, but it also looks to be pretty bang on the money. Having been offered the choice of any DC property he wanted after being fired by Disney, Gunn looks to have made the best possible choice in turning down Superman in favor of the titular band of antiheroes, when The Suicide Squad is ten times better suited to his sensibilities than the Man of Steel and looks to be living up to expectations and then some.