Reactions To Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Premiere Are Unbelievably Positive


Last night in Los Angeles, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story had its world premiere, giving audiences their first chance to check out the upcoming spinoff in its entirety. Though 25 minutes or so had been shown off earlier in the week, this is the first time that the full film has been screened and we’re pleased to report that the reactions seem to be overwhelmingly positive.

Despite those rumors that popped up during the summer claiming that Rogue One was in serious trouble and undergoing extensive reshoots under the watchful eye of Tony Gilroy, it seems that everything worked out in the end and Disney’s extensive marketing campaign has paid off. From the characters to the action scenes, critics are praising just about every aspect of the film, and you can see what they’re saying via the Tweets below.

So, it seems like we’re still going to be getting that gritty action film that we were promised then, despite reports to the contrary, which is nice to hear. As enjoyable as The Force Awakens was, we’re definitely excited to see something a little different from the Star Wars universe and it sounds like Rogue One will deliver exactly that. Analysts are already predicting a $280M – $350M global opening for the spinoff and with the such positive word of mouth, we imagine it’ll definitely be near the higher end of that scale.

Tell us, how are you feeling about the film at this stage? Are you confident that it can deliver? Sound off down below and let us know!