First Reactions To Teen Titans GO! To The Movies Are Very Positive


After the crushing disappointment of last year’s Justice League, it would take an awful lot to make me care about another DC ensemble film. That’s exactly what Teen Titans GO! To The Movies looks set to offer audiences though when it hits cinemas at the end of this month. But unlike Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s blockbuster, this one actually has a lot going for it.

For one, as an animated adaptation of a Cartoon Network TV show, expectations are obviously lower than what they’d be for a mega-budget, live-action movie. Also, all the trailers have been hilarious and look to continue the screwball humor of the show, while there’s also a great voice cast on board, including the long-delayed arrival of Nicholas Cage as Superman.

Now, we’re hearing of some early reactions to the movie, all of which suggest that the film has lived up to its billing. Though the full reviews won’t be here until later this month, you can check out a sampling of some social media reactions below.

It’s a bit perverse that the smaller divisions of Warner Bros. dealing with offshoots of the DC Universe, namely their animation studio and the Arrowverse team, seem to be going from strength to strength while the huge DCEU project intended to rival the MCU is close to being abandoned altogether in favor of unconnected solo movies.

My theory is that the DCEU is just so big that it’s subject to a lot of studio meddling, while the other projects are largely allowed to get on with it in their own way. If Teen Titans GO! To The Movies really is as good as these critics say it is though, then perhaps the Warner Bros. execs should take note.