First Official Shazam! Poster Promises A New Direction For The DCEU


Despite several setbacks, the latest of which being Justice League’s disappointing box office haul, the DCEU continues to push forward with several exciting projects. With the sequel to 2017’s box office beast Wonder Woman, unarguably DC’s most successful film to date, beginning production in May and Aquaman testing through the roof, studio execs have decided to launch expectations for another upcoming superhero staple straight into the stratosphere with the release of the first official poster for Shazam!

Eyeing an April 5th, 2019 release date, the pic tells the story of a teenage boy, Billy Batson (portrayed by Asher Angel), who transforms into an adult superhero, (Zachary Levi), using the magic word “Shazam.” From what we’ve seen so far, it certainly feels like a tone changer for the DCEU and this poster (which is really just a slightly modified version of the logo we got earlier) confirms that.

While the entirety of the franchise up until this point has mainly been all doom and gloom according to most viewers, this specific adaptation could finally turn it into a more family-friendly product akin to the films in the MCU. Something that DC has seemingly been yearning for from the get-go.

The teaser poster, which can be seen above, is dominated by a colourful lightning bolt in the middle surrounded by ominous clouds backdropping the bold red title. The one-sheet’s release coincides with a cast Q&A taking place on Wednesday, too, which will be broadcast live on Facebook.

While an exact time for the event has yet to be revealed, be sure to stick close to your computer throughout hump day as we’ll be bringing you all the latest updates. One of which might just include our first official photo from Shazam! showing Levi in costume as the titular hero.