First Spider-Man: Far From Home Reactions Expected To Drop Next Week


Hollywood’s summer blockbuster season is well and truly underway.

Every week, it seems there’s a new marquee movie crying out for our attention, with the sharp-suited, rebooted Men In Black: International expected to step up to the plate this coming weekend. Whether it can dislodge Disney’s Aladdin or the sub-par X-Men: Dark Phoenix is another question entirely, but let it be known that Hollywood’s biggest studios are beginning to drop their cinematic juggernauts.

Next up for Marvel Studios is Spider-Man: Far From Home, the standalone sequel set to explore a post-Endgame world still reeling from the death of Tony Stark. It’s a pivotal moment in the MCU timeline, so it’s small wonder why fans are waiting for Tom Holland’s second solo outing with bated breath.

And while there’s still four weeks between now and release, Erik Davis of Fandango has relayed some good news: the first Far From Home reactions are expected online next week – Wednesday, June 19th, to be specific.

We know Jon Watts’ Spidey sequel is prepped and ready for theaters; all that’s left to do is for Marvel Studios to roll out the red carpet and begin its final promotion of Spider-Man: Far From Home – TV clips, cast interviews… that kinda’ thing.

Perhaps the biggest question in all of this is whether Far From Home will tease out the next big MCU villain as many expect. Norman Osborn, an old nemesis to Peter Parker, has already been tipped as a potential successor to Thanos, and his human profile would certainly align with those reports that Phase 4 of Marvel’s cinematic franchise will be more grounded – at least at first – before expanding into the cosmos in time for The Eternals.

It’s all ahead of us, folks, but for now, Spider-Man: Far From Home remains the priority for Marvel Studios, and we’ll be able to gauge the film’s overall quality as soon as next week. Stay tuned.

Source: Fandango