First Star Wars: Episode IX Trailer Reportedly Coming This Month


While the release date of the first preview for Star Wars: Episode IX hasn’t been the subject of quite as much speculation as the equivalent unveiling for Avengers 4, there’ve still been a good amount of rumors and false reports making the rounds online in recent months, with folks putting forth anything from early January to late February as likely times for the initial teaser. According to Steve Weintraub of Collider, however, it might actually be here sooner than we all expected.

Taking to Twitter, he teased that Disney will be bringing us the first footage from both Episode IX and Frozen 2 before Christmas. And while it’s unclear if he actually has a source to back up his claims, he does seem pretty confident that we’ll see something from each film by the end of the month.

To those wondering, December is ALWAYS a huge month for new trailers. If you’re a Disney fan, you can look forward to the first footage from #Frozen2 and @starwars episode 9 this month. Would be shocked if both aren’t revealed by December 25th.

While we don’t necessarily have any reason to doubt Steve’s scoop, the fact that he’s not mentioning how he got a hold of this intel does leave us a bit suspect. Not to mention the fact that most people kind of assumed that the promotional campaign for Episode IX would follow broadly the same trajectory as The Last Jedi

That means a teaser trailer would arrive in April and a few proper trailers would drop periodically throughout the year to build hype. Then again, there’s nothing to say that Disney will follow the same path as the last film in the Sequel Trilogy and they very well could be switching up their marketing plan for the next release.

Honestly, it’s too early to say, but you can bet we’ll be keeping our eye out and in the meantime, you can set your calendars for December 20th, 2019, as that’s when you’ll get to see Star Wars: Episode IX in all its (probable) glory.