First Teaser Trailer For Jurassic World Is A Walk Down Memory Lane


Hold onto your butts, folks, for the first teaser trailer for Jurassic World has stomped its way online.

More teaser than out-and-out trailer (it’s understood Universal will reveal the footage in full on November 27), the brief clip is a callback to the seminal, Spielbergian scene from the original Jurassic Park, which saw each glass of water ripple ominously as the Tyrannosaur Rex approached. Fast forward twenty-two years and it seems director Colin Trevorrow is keeping a lid on the dinos until next week; plus, it’s more than likely that the studio is simply drawing attention to the upcoming reboot with this bite-sized snippet.

Rather than bombard us with a hoard of stills from Jurassic World, Universal’s marketing campaign has been rather unique hitherto, what with the recent viral site along with a virtual map of the titular attraction. Taking place on the infamous Isla Nebular, Trevorrow’s take on the franchise will introduce moviegoers to genetically modified dinosaurs, as the park’s God-playing geneticists look to take things to the next level — quite literally.

As we alluded to earlier, reports have suggested that Universal is gearing up to debut the film’s maiden trailer at some point over Thanksgiving weekend. By that stage, we’re hoping to have our first real look at the island’s prowling predators all the while finding out more about the plot and how the cast members will play their respective parts.

Starring David Oyelowo, Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Brandon Richardson, Jurassic World will make its long-awaited bow on June 12th, 2015.