First ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ poster spotted in the wild

thor ragnarok

We’re expecting the first footage from Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder to be with us sooner rather than later, with Chris Hemsworth’s landmark fourth solo outing coming to theaters in July of next year, unless of course it gets hit with any more delays.

Fingers crossed that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s release date reshuffling is over, though, because we can’t wait to see what the Academy Award-winning filmmaker has in store. Predecessor Ragnarok completely reinvented the Odinson as a riotous cosmic comedy machine, and the ensemble is even more stacked this time around.

From the looks of things, the first promotional poster for Love and Thunder has been spotted in a store, which isn’t the most auspicious of starts to the marketing campaign, but it’ll do. You can check it out below, and there’s plenty of interesting details, new costumes and eye-catching characters on display.

While this almost certainly won’t be reflective of the actual one-sheets that’ll be used to sell Thor: Love and Thunder to the masses, it does hint that there’s going to be an awful lot going on. It’s an image that’s as busy as it is colorful, which means it’s also going to mirror the wild and crazy tone that Waititi is happy to tell us he’s been aiming for.