Thor: Love And Thunder Director Helming Epic Comic Book Adaptation

thor ragnarok

It was only this morning that we posed the question as to how Taika Waititi finds the time to sleep given his constantly jam-packed schedule, so it was only natural that the filmmaker would be announced for a brand-new project just hours later.

As per Deadline, the Academy Award winner is dipping his toes back into the world of comic books to adapt one of the most ambitious and acclaimed graphic novels ever. Hailing from the existential dream team of Alejandro Jodorowsky and Mœbius, Incal is a space opera of epic proportions that was first published in the late 1970s.

the incal

Focusing on private eye John Difool, the story finds the hangdog investigator stumbling upon a mystical artifact called the Incal, which is coveted by many warring factions spanning the length of the galaxy. Gathering a motley crew of tenuous associates, they embark on a mission to save the universe in a journey that’s as spiritual as it is dangerous.

Jodorowksy is fully on board with Waititi bringing his work into live-action, and it could be the beginning of an entire franchise with The Metabrons and Megalex also forming part of the extended Humanoids collection. Of course, the prolific actor/writer/director/producer has plenty to get through before he can even consider calling action on Incal.